Wednesday, June 4, 2008

easy week

This week was pretty lade back. On Sunday I got to go to church with my friend Tina Lee. The church was called Holy Jubilee. It was nice to see how people worship over seas. Which was pretty much the same as in America, oo and the church was English speaking. That afternoon I hung out with my friend Christine. She was allowed to come on the Army Base because her father works for the army. That night her parents took us to the free theater to see Indiana Jones, and my sis came along too.

Monday I finally fixed my sisters bike so I went on a bike adventure around the Yongsan Army Base. It was really cool. On my adventure I met a cute girl name Min, who's knew a few people that went to my school (small world). Also while riding I went to the War Museum. The sculptures there were so cool, and had a great deal of detail. Later that after noon I went shopping with my friend Hanna Sull. I got a new shirt, and two new CD's, MC Sniper, and Dynamic Duo (Korean hip hop groups). So that was cool.

Tuesday was a bonding day for my sister and I. early that day we met her Korean female friend Dylan. She works in a weight lost client in Myeong Dong. Dylan was so adorable and sent me a calendar, a long time ago, which my sister gave to me that day (bad sister). After the meeting with Dylan we met up with Jaewon to have some exotic Korean food. The place we went to was really grimy looking but had good food. We ate cow intestines and lever, which was actually pretty good. We ended the night by meeting some of Jae's friends at the Hookah bar. It was a really fun time. This was also my sister first time having Hookah, which I think she likes now.

As far as Wednesday, nothing really happen. I just chilled out, watched movies and finished my first soulNseoul drawing. SeoulNsoul is a series of drawings I will be doing about my experiences in Seoul. The first drawing is about the yellow sand effect in Korea. There are a lot of motorcycle delvers in Seoul, and last Friday the yellow sand from China's mountains came over to Seoul’s climate so the delivery drivers had to where mask. That image stayed in my mind for a while so I decided to draw it.

so thats all for now..
ANh yeong

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