Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So it’s been awhile since my last blog but it’s been hard to sit down with all the crazy stuff I've been up to. On Monday Christine called me up to hang out with her and pick up some stuff from the Army store called the PX. After we handled her business we ate some food and took a walk down the Han River. It was really cool and I enjoyed just being by the historical river. Personally I would not go there at nighttime because it doesn’t look like they cut the grass very much. Who knows some one might come out of the bushes or something.

Tuesday I decided to hang out with my sister a little bit so we went out to dinner at the Stake House. This was some must needed bonding time. I have been hanging out with my friends so much I forget that I have a sister who would like to spend some time with me.

On Wednesday I went to Tae Kwon Do class on the army base. The main instructor wasn’t there but there where two guest instructors. They were really cool and helped me out with my forms. The really dope part about the class is not having to pay for it. Since the instructors where guest they didn’t realize I've never been in the class and I’m also a black belt so they really didn’t care. That night I met one of my sisters Army buddies whom actually goes to the tae kwon do class on the regular. We talked a little about the class and I got a chance to meet her three little boys. After that I met up with Jaewon, Bling and Bling's friend at this mall in Samseoung. We ate at a restaurant at the mall then went to play video games at the Internet cafe.

Thursday I got up pretty early and went to Owsan army base with my sister to do some shopping. The area around the army base was mad cheep. I found this really dope new age clothing store, and racked up on some new gear. My sister and I split up so I went to this random bar for a drink. While I was there I ran into a few Americans. One of the kids was running around the bar asking for water. Apparently one of his buddies dared him to eat this really spicy meat, dude wanted to prove him self so he went for it. As you know this was a bad idea. As I chuckled the cute bar tender asked me if I wanted to try it. Me being a strong lover of spicy foods and a bit of a show off I said why not. So this hot Korean girl comes over and let me bite off hers. At first it wasn’t that bad and actually kind of good. The bar tender and the Korean girl were impressed at my ability to handle their spicy food.... then I took a swig of my beer and all hell broke loose. I could even feel my face, but after a few drinks of water I was fine. The bar tender and I talked for a while and I found out she was an artist. She even let me see some of her work and I showed her what little I had on my ipod. After gaining a new friend it was time to head back to the Yongsan base.

Friday was a pretty fun and random day. I started off my day hitting up the gym, and then I meet up with my girl Hanna. She took me to Insadong, which is the most traditional place in Seoul. As soon as we got there we found a really cool gallery, where the artist made her sculptures out of silverware. I was really impressed with all the detail the artist put forth. After the gallery we where starving so we got some Korean food. I ate some beef spare ribs, which were bomb I must say, and Hanna got some soup. After walking off the meal we stopped at an arcade and played some shooting games. OOO if you have not played Time Crisis 5 you are missing out. While trying to get a cab to head back we found a Buddhist temple. It was so amazing and people were praying to 3 golden Buddha’s. After I said good-bye to Hanna I meet up with Jaewon. Of course we hit up the Hookah bar and had a few drinks. Friday also marked Blings final party day in Korea so we meet up with him and went to this club called Answer. The club was straight Techno, which is something I don’t mind getting down to. That night at the club I ran into at least 4 girls from my school, which was really funny. We all had a lot of fun that night.

Saturday my sister and I meet up with her friend Won and went to the Seoul Tower. It was so breath taking. I wanted to take the cable car up to the top, but my sister wasn’t having it, so we took a cap. The tower was really cool and when you’re at the top you can see everything. That night we at a "Korean” Mexican restaurant (Won's choice). The food was ok, but after being in Chicago you get real picky when it comes to your Mexican food (I wont even eat taco bell in Chicago)

Sunday I went to church. That was pretty much it at least I thought. There is this new Korean musical called Jesus Jesus (a musical about the whole bible) that’s opening this week. The church I’m going to has been hyping it up because the Pastors little brother is going to play Jesus. We even prayed for him at the end of service. Well that night I went to shoot some hoops on base and guess who shows up ALL the guys from church. Being the second "black" guy in their church they recognized me and asked me to play ball with them. It was really fun and I got put on the same team the pastors brother, whose name I think is Tim, and might I add the kid can ball. I ended up playing two games before I headed back home.

On Monday my good friend Yoshie came to Korea so we meet up and I took her around. She had to be back at her home no later then 9 so we couldn’t do much. So I took her to the mall and the hookah bar. Later that night I meet up with Jaewon and we went to another hookah bar ahaha. One of my goals in Korea was to get a really good back rub. I haven’t been able to do that because at lot of the places in Seoul don’t just give back rubs (if you know what I mean...RED LIGHT). So that night we saw a place across the street from the hookah bar that looked legitimate, and we where right. So Elgin got his first real massage, it was full body 100 mins for 70 bucks and it includes tea, and foot rub.

Well today has been very busy. My sister leaves Korea on Sunday so she had movers come by, pack up all of her stuff, and ship it. This also means I needed to pack up all my things as well. Tomorrow we move in to the dragon hill hotel to stay until its time for her plane to leave.

Well I think you all have read enough. I will try to make my next blog shorter.
Until next time
AHN Yeong

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hatsephi said...

I would love to get a 100 minute massage for $70.00. I pay $55-60 for 60 minutes. You got an hour and 40 minutes. You sure nothing else was going on? I am delighted that you are having such a great time. hk